Gold Coast Sustainability is an active contributor to the community. Below you will find a list of projects we have been involved in.

The Ormeau Bottle Tree

Did you know that our town of Ormeau has grabbed the attention of botanists throughout Australia and the world?

Right here on our doorstep we have approximately 160 bottle trees (Brachychiton Sp. Ormeau), which are listed as critically endangered. 

Friends of the Ormeau Bottle Tree works to raise awareness about this unique species found only in the Darlington Range. These trees and the ecosystems in which they have survived for centuries need to be nurtured and protected by affirmative action.

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Clean up australia day 2016

In March, a large group of locals joined up with Gold Coast Sustainability to clean up a section of the Pimpama River. This event was for Clean Up Australia Day, and it was a complete success. Before this event, the river banks were clogged up with rubbish of all descriptions - it was a complete eyesore and an environmental hazard. However, at the end of the day (after removing trailer full of tyres, plastic, fishing net and even a fridge) the area was completely unrecognisable. It is now a clean, liveable environment - and it is all thanks to those locals who showed up to give a hand.

On behalf of Gold Coast Sustainability - Thank you very much!