Gold Coast Sustainability Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation working towards a future where YOU make decisions and take actions every day to enhance life in our communities and the health of earth's natural systems in which we live


Our Mission

We aim to educate people about sustainability, including alerting the community to the plight of Australia's natural ecosystems and its native flora and fauna species. One of our main goals will be motivation and empowering people to take action to prevent the degrading of the Australian environment. We will be working to ensure that Australia's natural ecosystems support a diverse range of habitats and remain healthy. This will include promoting the efficient and wise use of Australia's resources in a sustainable way.

We realise at times this may involve taking any legal action to defend or prosecute any matter threatening the sustainability of Australia. However, our preference is to raise and direct funds effectively towards the sustainability of Australia's natural environment. 

To further this goal, Gold Coast Sustainability Ltd will establish and maintain a Nature Fund to receive funds or other property through donations, bequests, public appeals, special events and from the corporate sector. These resources will be used by the organisation to pursue the principle purposes as written in the company's constitution and to provide financial or in-kind support.